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Coin Sorter System - Discrete Event System

Coin Sorter System - Discrete Event System
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The "SED coin sorter" training system is based on a real machine designed to sort and count euro coins. It exploits the dimensional characteristic of each coin in order to sort the coins at the speed, announced by the manufacturer SAFESCAN, of 220 coins/min.

This didactic system is specifically developed to approach Discrete Event Systems (truth table, logigram, state diagram), DC and synchronous motor control as well as the management of a system's energy supply.


The system allows an industrial operating mode and a training mode based on a programmable ARDUINO board.


The pedagogical exploitations allow to analyze, to simulate and to experiment the compromises of the technological choices of the manufacturer. This system is an ideal support for the teaching of industrial engineering sciences.


This system allows to approach the teachings of the Engineering Sciences and covers more particularly :

- information and energy chains ;

- event-driven programming with state diagrams and flowcharts;

- multiphysics modeling with Scilab and MATLAB/Simulink;

- experimentation.


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