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Didactic Clic-Light

Didactic Clic-Light
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Didactic Clic-Light
Didactic Clic-Light
Didactic Clic-Light
Didactic Clic-Light
Didactic Clic-Light
Didactic Clic-Light
Didactic Clic-Light
Didactic Clic-Light


The Clic-Light is a road safety device for motorcycles developed by a French startup. This device is used to deport the lights of the motorcycle in the back of the biker on a box which communicates in "wireless" with the motorcycle through a card to be placed on the electrical harness of the motorcycle.


Thanks to its accelerometer, whatever the direction of the luminous module, it will always indicate the right direction and the electronic system of the module is put in standby automatically after 5 minutes!

Its brightness sensor allows to regulate automatically the light intensity according to the day and the night...


From a pedagogical point of view, this system makes it possible to address :

    • python & arduino programming (Python or C++ to control the system) on plug-in boards. The students can thus all work on the programming of the boards on their PCs, test the program with the help of the 2 push buttons and the LEDs present natively on the micro:bit boards without even having to connect them to the didactic system. To validate the program, the students are asked to do a concrete test on the system by plugging their cards into it.

    • exploitation with Matlab Simulink Stateflow (state graph - description, simulation and experimentation with Matlab-Stateflow or Python)

    • signal processing

    • les asservissements de vitesses (Boucle ouverte / boucle fermée, perturbation, correcteur par expérimentation (Programmation Arduino ou Matlab-Simulink))

    • speed control (open loop / closed loop, perturbation, corrector by experimentation (Arduino programming or Matlab-Simulink))

    • the study of materials

    • measurements of consumption and battery charge (The power chain (measurements, efficiency, charge & discharge of the battery))

    • wireless communication

    • the project: the students are led to design and test improvements on the product. Here they can imagine improving visibility by placing LED strips on the sleeves of the biker's jacket for example.




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