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Eco-innovative hotel room

Eco-innovative hotel room
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Eco-innovative hotel room


The Eco-Innovative hotel room is a system allowing the study of devices used in home automation. It allows to apprehend and understand the impacts of energy management on comfort and energy saving.

The product is entirely based on the following scenario: The transformation of a traditional hotel room into an energy ECO-INNOVATIVE room by optimizing its active energy efficiency.

This transformation will be carried out in real situation by optimizing the operating loss due to the works by an ECO-RESPONSIBLE realization.

To this end, it proposes to the students to carry out training activities in real situation with integrated situations of evaluation, relating to the informational renovation of a hotel room, in order to optimize its comfort and to reduce its energy consumption, by acting on its active energy efficiency.



  Home automation                           

  Pack ENOCEAN only                    3D cell alone



     Fiber optic                           

 connection pack


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