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EVO Laser Alignment Pack

EVO Laser Alignment Pack
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EVO Laser Alignment Pack
EVO Laser Alignment Pack
EVO Laser Alignment Pack
EVO Laser Alignment Pack

The EVO Pack offers a compact display case with a 5" color touch screen. It fits in one hand, leaving the other hand free to touch the screen and vary the units of measure on the shafts.
Ideal for pedestal or bolt-on machines.
A big advantage is the size of the sensors, which are very compact, only 33 mm thick, and therefore easy to place in the tightest of locations.

The user interface is adaptive, meaning it actually tells you what to do based on your measurement results with :

  •     Limited rotation measurement ≥ 90°.
  •     Detection of radial play at the coupling
  •     Detection and neutralization of the lame foot
  •     Real time alignment
  •     Consideration of non-adjustable feet or imperfect frame
  •     Thermal or mechanical compensation for cold alignment (edging)
  •     Parallelism defect according to the coupling diameter
  •     Motor orientation
  •     Alignment of machine shafts with flanged motor
  •     Table of geometric tolerances (parallelism and concentricity)
  •     Customizable alignment tolerances
  •     Manager of stored measurements (≈1,200 measurements)
  •     Export of memorized measurements via the USB port of the ECU

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