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Experimentation bricks : Basic pack

Experimentation bricks : Basic pack
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Experimentation bricks : Basic pack

Learning electronics can be very monotonous for students. Forget that with Brick'R'knowledge's exciting and colorful electronics bricks!

Brick'R'knowledge packs offer an easy introduction to electronics.

In the basic pack, with only 19 bricks, you can illustrate the most important components and functions. With this set, you or your students are official members of the Maker Generation. Simple but also slightly more sophisticated circuits are ideal for beginners. Brick'R'knowledge is an open learning and experimentation system that adapts to individual needs.

The system serves to effectively enrich electronic knowledge, which can be passed on to the younger generation in a playful way. Those who want to manage electronics in the long term will find the right entry in this basic package.

The manuals are available in English, French and German.







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