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Laser alignment packages

Laser alignment packages
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With today's optimized machines, shaft alignment has become an important task in daily maintenance. A failure can result in considerable production losses. Almost 50% of all machine failures are caused by misalignment.

Shaft alignment can be carried out using various tools. The simplest way is to use a ruler or a ruler that is placed on both coupling halves to make a visual estimation of the alignment. The result is not very accurate and is very dependent on the operator. Of the traditional methods, the dial indicator method is more accurate. However, it requires very specialized skills and requires a lot of time and precision.
A much easier and more accurate way is to use laser alignment systems. They do not require any special skills and provide accurate and reliable results.


DMS has selected for you 3 laser alignment solutions :


       Basic alignment Pack

                                                      ECO Alignment Pack


             EVO Alignment Pack

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