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Modular "big race" learning track

Modular "big race" learning track
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Modular big race learning track
Modular big race learning track

The modular learning track for the AlphAI robot has been specially designed in its choice of surfaces and colours
to make the AlphAI robot learn in a reproducible way.

Indeed, a certain number of details allow it to make the robot's environment more immediate to interpret by its
It is a modular system that allows the implementation of a number of features that can be used by the robot.
Modular, it allows the implementation of a diversity of scenarios.
Finally, its shock-absorbing materials allow the robot to increase its speed.

The "big race" kit allows the assembly of numerous arena layouts, from 80x80 cm to 240x240 cm (or even 320x160 cm), which can accommodate up to 8 robots; it consists of:

● 13 long boards (78.4x12.5x0.8 cm; 12 red, 1 black) and 1 short black board (39.2x12.5x0.8 cm)

● 2 "race banner" sheets (one long 39.2x6.25x0.8 cm, one short 39.2x6.25x0.8 cm)

● 2 small printed tarpaulins (80x80 cm) and 3 rectangular white tarpaulins (160x80 cm)

● 12 "foot" supports and 6 "connector" supports.


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