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MYHOME Connected Home

MYHOME Connected Home
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MYHOME Connected Home
MYHOME Connected Home
MYHOME Connected Home


The MyHome system allows you to obtain a complete home automation electrical installation: automation of lamps and shutters, thermoregulation, energy management, sound diffusion, intrusion alarm, videophony, remote control...


The MyHome Connected Home didactic system allows to approach several ways of configuration, in a very interesting way in the framework of the training in Bac Pro MELEC.
Indeed, the configuration methods can be different with a single system:
  • Configuration by physical addressing using jumpers
  • Configuration by a computer with the MyHome software
  • Configuration by a smartphone or tablet with the MyHome UP application


This system proposes to the students to carry out training activities in real situation with integrated situations of evaluation. The educational activities to be carried out by the students or apprentices are: discovery, preparation, organization, realization, commissioning, maintenance, communication.



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