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Pool pumping station with PLC

Pool pumping station with PLC
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This version of the pool pumping station integrates a control part with a Schneider M340 or Siemens S7-1200 PLC and an embedded web server. Two pressure sensors with analog output and a flow meter with analog output are connected to the PLC for monitoring.

The Pompage Piscine control unit is accompanied by a Multimedia Learning Environment with a technical file, a resource file and an educational file.


Pool pumping station



Complement motorized valves


Glanded centrifugal pump unit

Mechanical seal centrifugal pump unit

Volumétric motor pump unit whith gear


Spare centrifugal pump with gland

Spare centrifugal pump with mechanical seal

Spare volumetric gear pump


Disassembled glanded centrifugal replacement pump

Spare centrifugal pump with dismantled mechanical seal

Dismantled volumetric gear pump


Other complements exist, consult us.


Centrifugal pump with defective parts

Mechanical seal centrifugal pump with defective parts

Volumetric pump with defective parts

Defective parts

Motor starter grids (contactor, soft starter, variator), wired or in kit


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