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Study bench for centrifugal pumps

Study bench for centrifugal pumps
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Study bench for centrifugal pumps
Study bench for centrifugal pumps

The centrifugal pumps study bench is a didactic system which implements two centrifugal pumps (in stainless steel) to be coupled in series or in parallel with all the equipment and components which allow to ensure the circulation of water.

The didactic system allows :

- to carry out functional and structural studies,

- to study the coupling of the pumps,

- to analyze the power and control equipment,

- to prepare, locate and diagnose faults,

The didactic system on braked wheels is composed of an original operating part since it allows to modify the hydraulic architecture to influence the water flow. Indeed, it is easy to switch from pumping with the two centrifugal pumps in parallel or in series.

The basin integrates high and low level sensors. The piping system has pressure sensors upstream and downstream of the pumps and flow meters downstream of the pumps. The pumps are also equipped with sensors to know the speed of rotation.

The electrical cabinet integrates a color touch screen Schneider HMI (also used for programming) as well as a variable speed drive per pump.


Measurements returned on the HMI :

  •     Upstream and downstream pressures of the pumps
  •     Motor torques
  •     Motor rotation speeds
  •     Pump flows
  •     Motor power
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