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Study of the communication of an automated system

Study of the communication of an automated system
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Study of the communication of an automated system


This multidisciplinary system (compact and mobile) addresses skills for the study and understanding of different industrial communication networks using a simple and representative operating part.

The exploitations are vast and allow the learners to discover the study and the implementation of industrial networks using current technical solutions.

The study of the communication of an industrial automated system allows to approach a great number of key technologies of the Industry 4.0 used for the optimization of production, the follow-up of equipments/processes and the maintenance.
This support is fully integrated into a simulation case and includes a simple operating part animated by a control part representing a robot axis.

A power chain with :
    - an industrial power supply (230V AC / 24V DC)
    - a communicating variable speed drive
    - a stepper motor
    - a linear axis from a real industrial multi-axis "Pick and Place" system. It allows the positioning of a robot arm with a high level of performance.

An information chain with :
    - an M221 PLC communicating in Modbus TCP
    - a color touchscreen HMI
    - a wifi router
    - a Raspberry server
    - a motor encoder
    - 2 inductive sensors all or nothing end of race
    - a wireless and battery-free Zigbee sensor with its receiver
    - an IO-Link master Modbus TCP & IoT- MQTT)with a Bluetooth connection dongle
    - 2 IO-Link sensor


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