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Support for KNX Partner certification

Support for KNX Partner certification
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The KNX Partner Certification System is intended for use in the teaching of electrical trades. It enables the study of KNX devices used in home automation.

The didactic system is assembled and fully integrated (no blocks to assemble) :

  • Panel of about 60cm (width) x 60cm (height) x 40cm (depth)
  • 5m power cable with 2P+T male plug for electrical connection
  • external BUS wiring with 2mm safety cords with backplug supplied (Red and Black)
  • external power wiring with 4mm safety cords with backplugs provided (Red and Black)
  • List of blocks :
    • General power supply (Interdif + Voltage presence LED + 10A circuit breaker + ARU)
    • Bus power supply 320mA
    • USB interface
    • Line coupler
    • Switching actuator
    • LED spotlight
    • Dimming actuator
    • Dimmable LED Spotlight
    • Blind Actuator
    • Screen printing of window and VR + 2 LEDs to indicate the raising and lowering of the blind
    • 2-button push button
    • 4-button push button
    • RF-S-Mode actuator
    • TP/RF coupler


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