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Thingz Kit

Thingz Kit
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Thingz Kit
Thingz Kit
Thingz Kit
Thingz Kit
Thingz Kit
Thingz Kit
Thingz Kit

What is THINGZ?

It is a set of electronic modules, a programmable base and a web application that give the keys to understand, create and program technological objects.

The THINGZ kit is intended to develop the creative and scientific approaches of students learning programming.

Thingz is a tool perfectly adapted to go from algorithm to program and then to implementation.

The programming of Thingz is done with a web application through the internet browser.


Embedded computing:
After assembling the modules and programming a functionality, the created object becomes autonomous by powering it through the usb connector.

It is also possible to simulate the program before testing it on the hardware!


Thingz is a robust solution in which the modules are positioned on the base without any obligation of direction and without any possibility of short-circuit.

The THINGZ kit includes a base with 19 bricks:

- 3 LEDS
- 3 Buttons
- 3 Tactiles: bricks and alligator clips
- 1 Buzzer
- 1 Screen
- 1 temperature and humidity sensor
- 1 brightness sensor
- 1 motion detector
- 2 potentiometers
- 2 7-segment displays

- 1 radio module and its connected mains plug

and a usb cable.





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