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Communicating Digital Dice Pack

Communicating Digital Dice Pack
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Communicating Digital Dice Pack
Communicating Digital Dice Pack
Communicating Digital Dice Pack

The DIGITAL COMMUNICATOR pack is a system and a set of components to realize a "turnkey" project in the FABLAB for the exploration lessons.

This pack is delivered with the accompanying documents in digital format including activities written for the teaching, the nomenclature, the design procedures, the 3D models...

The dice features are created by the students in micro PYTHON language: random dice, binary thermometer, binary clock, speed game, alarm clock... The dice is composed of 7 multicolor LEDs, includes an accelerometer to detect movements, a temperature sensor, a vibrator, a LiPo battery and a Bluetooth communication interface. The proposed mobile application allows to control all the sensors and actuators of the dice and to interact with it.

For the hardware part, this pack includes a functional system assembled and wired as well as a set of components allowing the realization of the proposed solutions: electronic boards, sensors, actuators, cord, screws, battery...





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