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Photovoltaic housing

Photovoltaic housing
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Photovoltaic housing
Photovoltaic housing
Photovoltaic housing
Photovoltaic housing

Designed and prototyped from an actual home installation. This bench showcases renewable energy production technology
from the latest generation of photovoltaic solar collectors, and enables students to carry out all operations, from the project manager's file, to orders, installation and commissioning. He or she will also be responsible for production monitoring and full maintenance of the installation.

The photovoltaic generator can reduce the electricity consumption of a residential installation connected for self-consumption, with resale of surplus production. Combined with a battery, it can take over in the event of a power cut, supplying
and supply the home's priority receivers in back-up mode.

This system is a good way of tackling vocational courses in electrical engineering, and more specifically covers :
- discovering a photovoltaic project,
- installation and connection of collectors to the customer's panel,
- making connections,
- modifying the electrical panel by selecting priority receivers,
- checking system performance (solarimeter measurements),
- inverter parameterization,
- conformity check,
- delivery and commissioning,
- maintenance,
- BP and BR photovoltaic certification


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